Personal Betting Limits

Personal Betting Limits

You should determine ahead of time how much you can afford to bet.

Blackjack is a rather volatile game,which means you may lose several hands before you start winning.

If you want to stay alive for any length of time ,you should not sit down at a usd25 minimum table with only usd200 in your pocket.

A losing split and a couple of bad double downs will break you very quickly.

How much,then,do you need to weather the ups and downs?

As a general rule of thumb, you should gave a gambling bankroll of twenty to forty times your basic wager for your initial playing session. Why such a wide range for the bankroll? Because some people are more conservative than others, and this is just a guideline.

Controlling your bankroll

Before you sit down at any blackjack table, be sure you have first designated a specific sum of money to risk for your playing session. Otherwise you may end up like some impromptu gamblers who, after sustaining a losing streak, continue to dig for more money in an attempt to recoup their losses. By doing this, they may eventually lose their entire bankroll during the first day of a gambling trip, and then wonder what they are doing to do the rest of the time. Some will head for the nearest ATM and start using money that was never intended for gambling.

To avoid such a situation, let’s say you are on a three day gambling junket and have alocated USD1500 that you can afford to lose. Divide the bankroll into three USD500 stakes, one stake for each they. Whatever you do, don’t gamble away more than USD500 in any one day, and stay away from the ATMs. You must be disciplinated about this. If you cannot that kind of money discipline, you have a problem and should seek help. Although they would rather not, most casinos will tell you where to go or who to call to get the necessary help. If you do not do this, you can ruin your life.